Lettering Installation

Vinyl Boat Lettering Installation Instructions

We are your custom boat letter and numbering company. Boat Lettering Outlet provides the very best in custom decals, numbers and letters.

You are using high-quality vinyl that will make your installation much easier!

  1. Clean your boat transom or the sides of your boat that will receive the decals. Remove wax and rubbing compounds. (We recommend alcohol, naphtha or acetone).
  2. Mix a solution of 1 pint water and 6 drops dishwash liquid into a spray bottle.
  3. Tape the decal into position with the backing still on when you find the exact position you want. (Measure to make sure even).
  4. Spray the boat with a good coating of your solution mix. Also spray the sticky side of your decal as you pull the backing away. This will prevent the decal from immediately bonding to the boat or to itself. You can slide decal around into position.
  5. Starting from the center, gently squeegee out the solution first, working to the right, then left. Go slow and then go over pushing firmer. (The adhesive on the vinyl is not fully activated until you burnish them down hard).
  6. Allow the lettering to dry completely. (Sometimes up to an hour or more, depending on the weather).
  7. Slowly pull the masking off the decal and the letters will firmly stay in place. If not squeegee again and wait longer to dry.

Existing vinyl can be removed with a heat gun or hair dryer. For painted graphics on fiberglass, use easy-off oven cleaner and white vinegar for stains. Leftover tiny air bubbles can be popped with a pin.